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Mike Cornick 30 Easy Piano Studies

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Easy studies in classical, jazz, rock and latin style

for piano

Difficulty: 1-2

Publisher: Universal Edition

Ref: UE21298




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In classical jazz and popular styles!
Along with the recently published 20 Piano Studies (UE 21233), this new set of études - this time for easy to intermediate level players, is a welcome departure from the usual study book. Key signatures in these easier pieces are restricted to major keys of up to 2 sharps or flats and their relative minor keys. Each piece primarily 
focuses on a particular technical or interpretive aspect of piano playing and encompasses various musical styles. 
Again, Mike Cornick's attractive pieces and carefully considered approach will both inspire as well as educate.


 Crossing the Bridge



A Lyric Piece

Kind of Calypso


Distant Bells

To Swing or Not to Swing

Scalic Blues


Chromatique Fantasia


Aria for the Left hand

Staccato Pedal


Bach to the Conga

Chromatique Blues for the Left Hand

Chromatique Blues for the Right Hand

Left to Right!

Right to Left!

Incidental Blues

Incidental Blues – 2

Incidental Blues – 3

Three-Way Stretch

Starter's Samba

B Minor Waltz

A Simple Song

Ascension Rag

Little Siciliana

Dee for Dorian