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Klaus Dickbauer Groove Connection – Alto Recorder

Quick Overview

Practise like never before. Workout!

for one and more alto recorders

Languages: German; English

Difficulty: 2-7

Edition type: music + cd

Edition Info: Mix and match lines with other instruments

if used with an ensemble, or play the solo line when used

as a solo book. The accompanying CD contains both full

and play-along versions.

Publisher: Universal Edition

Ref: UE36412

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Practising scales and arpeggios can seem like to be a compulsory exercise, if this is the case, then Groove Connection, is the answer for you.

This tried and tested concept features exciting musical workouts for players of all levels. Start your lessons and practice by brushing aside monotony and getting into the Groove! This approach is rooted in the principles of music education. Composer Klaus Dickbauer uses the pleasure of playing the instrument as the basis for learning.

The series introduces elements of music-making such as major scales and arpeggios while putting them in context with performance pieces and improvisations. Technical development becomes a means of personal expression.

Students and teachers can use the recordings to practise in pairs, groups, ensembles, individual lessons and, of course, at home, where the play-along CD replaces the other players.


Dickbauer Klaus: 12 Stairs to Luck

Dickbauer Klaus: Funky

Dickbauer Klaus: Bossanella

Dickbauer Klaus: Pop Ballade

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