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Student Flute [Electric Blue]

Quick Overview

Straight head joint  
Offset G  
Main body plays down to D  
Detachable left hand key extensions  
Removable lip plate system  
Locked but adjustable plug and crown  
O-ring seal on head joint tenon  
Removable silver coloured key caps  
Stainless steel rods  
Cleaning stick and pull through cloth  
Semi-hard case with carry strap              

Tool kit

Suitable for beginners of any age right up to the more advanced player

Patented removable lip plate system allowing various styles to be used on the same head joint

Locked crown and plug assembly prevents accidental removal

Removable key extensions for left hand middle, ring and pinky fingers giving extra comfort for small hands

Friction pads for left index finger and right thumb giving extra comfort for long practice and performance sessions

D# key is on main body so student can play without a foot joint

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The NSF6 Student Flute is a fully fledged instrument with C-foot and straight head joint.

It is washable, durable and comfortable to play plus interchangeable parts mean the instrument can be used at different levels from the beginner, to the more advanced player.

Firstnote Lip-Plate

The patented Firstnote lip plate may be beneficial for some very young students in the early stages of learning. It enables students to get a tone right from the very start. This is very encouraging. It can be clicked on and off with ease. The standard lip plate can be introduced when the student is ready.

Use the tool supplied to lever the lip plate off the head joint. Then simply snap on the new lip plate with a firm squeeze. You will hear it click into position and you can check it is air tight by blocking the end hole of the head joint and blowing directly into the embouchure hole.


After each time you play, it's always best to give your flute a good clean using the stick and pull-through supplied. From time to time you can give your flute a bath in some warm soapy water. This is particularly recommended in a school environment where a number of children may be using each instrument. Don't be afraid to use lots of water, your Nuvo flute loves it! You can even play in the shower or outside in the rain!


There are a number of adjusting screws on your Nuvo flute. These can be used to make very fine adjustments to the pad clearances. We have provided a tool. We strongly recommend that you ask a flute teacher or technician to help with any adjustments. The flute is set up perfectly before it leaves the factory and is unlikely to require any adjustment. If you're unsure, it's always best to consult an expert.


The pads on your Nuvo flute are made from a durable silicone rubber compound. This makes them resistant to wear and water damage. In the unlikely event that your pads need replacing, you can access them by removing the key caps.

To remove the key caps, push the rubber part of the tool firmly against the key cap and turn anticlockwise. The key cap will lift out. You can customize your flute by purchasing coloured key cap sets. Ask your local music dealer for details.

O Rings

All the seals on your Nuvo flute are made using silicone rubber O rings. You will see them on the head joint and the foot joint. From time to time you should apply a small amount of the O ring grease provided which will keep them supple and help with assembly of your flute. No need to apply too much as it will attract dust.


          My flute had a badly squeaking thumb key which made it unusable for me. The first trill key was a full semitone flat and the upper registers were all sharp - I couldn't flatten them to pitch. Returned mine.
Stu H, Surrey 28/03/2014

          I can't beieve how superb these instruments are. I have headjoints of many diiferent materials and the tone of this is similar to that of a wooden flute. It is a superb instrument for those just starting out who dont want to spend lots of money on a good flute in case they don't keep it up. It is superb that extra bits can be added i.e. C foot and straight head as the player progresses and only for the cost of a computer game. They are superb as a second instrument as they can be played outside and there is less fear of damage to them.
A Hall, West End, UK 01/08/2013