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A Concentrated Course in Traditional Harmony

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Author: Paul Hindemith

with emphasis on exercises and a minimum of rules

Language: English

Volume number: Band 1

Edition description: Revised Edition

138 Pages - Paperback/Soft Cover

Publisher: Schott Music., London

Ref: ED 11334

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Originally published in the 1940s, Paul Hindemith's remakable textbooks are still the outstanding works of their kind. In contrast to many musical textbooks written by academic musicians, these were produced by a man who could play every instrument of the orchestra, could compose a satisfying piece for almost every kind of ensemble, and who was one of the most stimulating teachers of his day. It is therefore not surprising that nearly forty years later these books should remain essential reading for the student and the professional musician. 


The Triads of the Principal Harmonies
Sixth Chords
The Dominant Seventh Chords
Inversions of V7
Derivations of V7: V9, V13/7, and Their Inversions
Non-Chord Tones
6/4 Chord, II6/5 Chord
Triads on II, III, VI, VII
Seventh Chords on I, II, III, IV, VI, VII
Simple Alteration
Secondary Dominants
Extended Alteration
Supplementary Exercises