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Computer Courses in Music - Ear Training

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Author: Tillman Weyde - Bernd Enders

Software programming: Tillman Weyde

The interactive learning program for beginners and advanced users

Edition: CD-ROM - System requirements: minimum: 486/DX2 66, 8 MB RAM, Windows 3.1, graphics card 460x480 with 256 colours, MIDI-compatible sound card, 10 MB free hard-disk storage area recommended: Pentium 100 or compatible, 24 MB RAM, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-Bit-version), graphics card 640x480 with 16-bit colours, MIDI-compatible sound card with wavetable sounds, 70 MB free hard-disk storage area

Language: English

Series: schott music software

Year of composition: 2002

Publisher: Schott Music., London

Ref: SMS 115

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The CD-ROM Computer Couses in Music - Ear Training contains all courses which are necessary to learn and practise to hear the musical elements intervals, scales, rhythms, chords, cadences and melodies. The CCM offers an attractive learning environment with simple handling. The methodically thought-out and dialogue-oriented lessons contain practical exercises and sound examples. 
Except for the elementary knowledge of music-reading, no previous knowledge is required. The exercises are interactive and adaptive, i.e. they adjust automatically to the learner's personal level. The level of the courses rises to university level. 
The learning results of the individual courses as well as the overall result can be printed in certificates as evidence of achievement. 

On 1.9.2000 the German software version was awarded the COMENIUS medal by the Association for Education and Information e.V., Berlin/Germany, for being an exemplary educational medium.