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Nicolai Podgornov Nicolai Podgornov's Romantic Piano Album

Quick Overview

Volume: 3

for piano 

Difficulty: 4-5 

Edition type: sheet music

Edition Info: includes "In Dreams" from "The Lord of the Rings" and "Over the Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz"

Publisher: Universal Edition

Ref: UE35580

Nicolai Podgornov presents more romantic pieces for the piano from 'The Lord of the Rings' theme music 'In Dreams' to the much-loved 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.



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The composer and arranger Nicolai Podgornov is a self-confessed romantic. His third volume features thirteen beautiful romantic melodies for intermediate level players. Those who remember having to wait until the end of the first film of The Lord of the Rings trilogy to hear the full version of the wonderful In Dreams melody need only turn to page 20 of this volume to find a charming arrangement. Another gem is the adaption of Somewhere over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.

Volume three of Nicolai Podgornov's successful
Romantic Piano Album series
Moderate-level Romantic pieces for players of all ages
Includes the famous title theme 'In Dreams' from
'The Lord of the Rings' and the classic 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'


Arlen, Harold: Over the Rainbow

Shore, Howard: In Dreams

Podgornov Nicolai: Back to Venice

Podgornov Nicolai: Piano by Candlelight

Sigmund Cornelia: The Pearls of Dew

Podgornov Nicolai: Barefoot Through the Puddles

Podgornov Nicolai: Memories

Podgornov Nicolai: Gipsy Dance

Podgornov Nicolai: Mantelpiece Clock Waltz

Podgornov Nicolai: Ragtime in the Rain

Podgornov Nicolai: Dreaming

Podgornov Nicolai: Winter Waltz

Podgornov Nicolai: Dedicated to You


It has much to do with Candlelight, Dreams, and Pearls of Dew - sweet, luscious melodies, perky little waltzes and a touch of ragtime, his own pleasing version of Arlen's Somewhere Over the Rainbow - all to be enjoyed in moments of complete relaxation.
Piano Professional Magazine Spring 2015 (Bronwen Brindley)