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Diverse Repertoire Explorer Clarinet – Book 2

Quick Overview

Graded pieces for intermediate-level players

Difficulty: 2-7

Edition type: collection

Publisher: Universal Edition

Ref: UE21498

Broaden the musical horizons with graded pieces from Classical to modern styles.


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Use alongside examination pieces for more to play at each level
"Teachers seeking further material to enlarge their pupil's repertoire but without having to search through quantities of music that is technically too challenging for their pupil's level, need look no further. This selection of pieces from classical to modern and studies of all kinds, is suitable for each of grades 4, 5 and 6. I have kept in mind the technical requirements for major music examinations at each level. Whether the examination system is followed or not, this collection presents an opportunity for any pupil in their developing years to broaden their musical experiences and explore the wide variety of music that is within their grasp." James Rae
Selections include works by W. A. Mozart, Henry Purcell, Franz Schubert, Friedrich Demnitz, Carl Baermann, Antonín Dvorák, Pyotre Tchaikovsky,
B. Smetana, A. Borodin, Gabriel Fauré, H. E. Klosé, Scott Joplin, Paul Harvey, Jonathan Febland and James Rae.


Purcell, Henry: Air

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Ave verum corpus

Schubert, Franz: Entre-Act aus "Rosamunde"

Rae, James: Bygone Blues

Demnitz, Friedrich: Adagio from "Scale and Chord Studies"

Demnitz, Friedrich: Andante from "Scale and Chord Studies"

Rae, James: Flying Overland

Rae, James: Blue Cockatoo

Rae, James: Epilogue

Schubert, Franz: March Militaire

Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitsch: March from "The Nutcracker"

Febland, Jonathan: Lullaby from "Three Miniatures"

Joplin, Scott: Ragtime Dance

Harvey, Paul: Stomping Stella

Baermann, Carl: Allegro from "Studies"

Klosé, Hyacinthe Eléonore: Study from "Exercises"

Rae, James: High Five

Rae, James: Mambo Nova

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Minuet from "Divertimento K 334"

Smetana, Bedrich: Furiant from "The Bartered Bride"

Fauré, Gabriel-Urbain: Le jardin de Dolly

Borodin, Alexander: Notturno from "2nd String Quartet"

Febland, Jonathan: March from "Three Miniatures"

Lazarus, Henry: Allegro from "Easy Little Tunes"

Backofen, Johann Georg Heinrich: Allegro con spirito from "Advanced solos for practising all the keys"

Demnitz, Friedrich: Allegretto from "Studies"

Rae, James: Images

Steppe All Around