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Englishman in New York - Flexible Ensemble

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Grade 2 [PDF version]

Englishman in New York for Flexible Ensemble. 

The first edition of “Let´s Play Togheter, musical series for flexible winds and percussion”, aims to provide solo or chamber music for children’s and youth winds and percussion ensemble. Every book is divided into two parts. In the first part you will find works [original and arrangements] presented in complete scores, the second part includes individual scores [loose pages] corresponding to each part/voice.

All the works in this edition consist of five [5] parts/voices [A-B-C-D-E], plus three [3] percussion parts. In some cases you can find works for solist and ensemble.

Each part/voice is transposed in three [3] or four [4] keys (C, Bb, Eb and F) and can be played by different instruments. It is on musicians, students and teachers, to creatively choose the constitution of the ensemble.

Composer: Sting

Arranged by: Nuno Figueiredo

Ilustration: Bruno Góis 

Difficulty: 2

Instrumentation: Flexible

Edition type: sheet music [PDF]

Series: Let´s Play Together

Publisher: Ekolio Music Edition

Ref: EME0008


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Part A – Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Eb, Soprano Saxophone, and Alto Saxophone.

Part B – Clarinet in Bb, Alto Saxophone and Trumpet.

Part C – Clarinet in Bb, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and French Horn.

Part D – Tenor Saxophone, French Horn, Trombone and Euphonium.

Part E – Baritone Saxophone, Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba.

Percussion I – Bongos and Susp. Cymbal. 

Percussion II – Congas and Glass Wind Chimes.

Percussion III – Drum set.

Optional percussion – Mallets.