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Light And Shade

Quick Overview

Composer: Hans-Guenter Heumann

12 Emotional Piano Pieces

Instrumentation: piano

Edition: songbook with CD

Series: Schott World Music

Difficulty: easy to intermediate

72 Pages - Paperback/Soft Cover

Publisher: Schott Music

Ref: ED 21786


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In this second album composed by top arranger Hans-Günter Heumann ('Klavierspielen - mein schönstes Hobby', 'Pianotainment') for solo piano, he takes a look at the bright and the dark sides of emotions. Twelve emotional Piano Pieces reflect the whole spectrum from bright to dark, light and shadow. The compositions take the listeners into the land of 'minimal music', combining percussive and meditative elements with wonderful melodic aspects.
The gloomy and mystical character of these expressive compositions will fascinate every advanced piano player and be with them forever.


Light and Shade
Shadow Hunters (Perpetuum mobile)
You Are The Light
The Dark Side Of Life
Forever A Mystery
Light And Love
Shades Of Piano
Valley Of Sadness
Lost In Endlessness
Into The Light